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Bill Griffith

Bill Griffith Retirement – Stories, Remembrances, and Tributes

The Buddha said, “Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” That is what Bill Griffith has done with Arrowmont.

Bill G first came to Arrowmont as a work-study student in the early 1980s. In 1987, he was hired by executive director Sandy Blain as assistant director and never left. He found his world. He gave his whole heart to his work and in so doing, changed the lives of thousands of people.

After 34 years at Arrowmont, Bill Griffith retired at the end of 2021. Of Bill’s service, Trudy Hughes, Arrowmont CEO said, “Bill has been the quiet soul of Arrowmont for over a generation. I am pleased to have gotten to know him and his work. I look forward to many more collaborations in the future. Bill may be retiring but he is not leaving Arrowmont.”

Bill leaves a profound legacy at Arrowmont. Programs he began 30 years ago endure and grow today, including: ArtReach; the Artists-in-Residence program; Utilitarian Clay: Celebrate the Object Symposium; the Windgate University Fellowship; and more. To these accomplishments, Bill also adds hundreds of friendships and mentorships forged during his time at Arrowmont.

Bill said, “Thank you for years of support and for the memories.”

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    1. Bill and I were in the same class together in 1983!!! It was the first class to fire the Anagama kiln. The instructor was Rosa Kennedy. What an amazing experience that two week workshop was! And here we are … almost a full 40 years later. I am now an instructor at Arrowmont and one of my favorite things that I look forward to is seeing Bill G whenever I teach there. I will miss that face, that voice, that smile, and whichever dog comes with him on campus, but I will look forward to seeing what comes next for him. What a legacy he leaves!!! Bill, you’ve done amazing things for Arrowmont and that is exactly how you will be remembered! It has been a pleasure to be connected with you through this wonderful place for all these years. Cheers to you and a very happy, well deserved retirement, my friend!!!

  1. As early as 2002 -when I arrived at Arrowmont as a resident artist- I knew Bill Griffith was cutting edge. The only explanation for his ability to anticipate that mustaches would be so popular 20 years later is if he kept secret his ability to travel in time to observe trends in male grooming. I don’t believe in time travel but I do believe in Bill Griffith. My mustache today would not be possible without the courage and determination of my friend Bill. Thank you for all that you have done and the lives impacted by your kindness.

  2. bob griffith

    most know bill as a great artist, or a terrific teacher, or a wonderful friend…and of course a dog lover. i however, am the only person who can say this….HE IS THE BEST BROTHER EVER!!!

  3. Bill. What a lovely, patient, centered human being. Bill was the person who first invited me to teach at Arrowmont and spending time with him–if only just a few quick words–always left me smiling. In many ways, for me, Bill Griffith IS Arrowmont. Congrats, Bill. Enjoy it. You’ve earned it. I know that you’ll keep adding to the universe.

  4. Judy Hreno

    Bill was my high school ceramics teacher. I learned so much from him. He was a wonderful teacher and friend. I will always remember doing my first Raku firing with him, that was so much fun. Bill is a beautiful person and a beautiful friend.
    Enjoy your retirement!!!

    My best always

  5. lonna richmond

    I came to work at Great Smokies National Park in the mid 80’s. Having always been interested in art, I found Arrowmont to be an oasis in the town of Gatlinburg, where I was living. I think i met Bill right away and he got me involved as a work/study student. I took classes in clay by working in the kitchen, and I also modeled for life drawing classes. All because of Bill’s interest in me and the cultivation of my interests. Arrowmont School and Sandy Blain definitely benefited from hiring Bill – i don’t think you will find any
    one connected with Bill who would not agree with me when I say, Bill is the Best.

  6. Joann C Moe

    Thank you for your love of and devoted work at Arrowmont, Bill. I came to know Arrowmont from belonging to Pi Phi at the University of Illinois. My husband was introduced to Arrowmont through Bonnie Kline and the world of wood turning. Attending classes there was a dream come true year after year with instructors Michael Peterson , Ron Flemming, Mike Lee, Art Lake, Margret Scanlon among others. Meeting Sandy and you was inspirational. Your visions made a quiet and almost magical sanctuary in an other wise hectic world. I was a very proud ambassador for Arrowmont, spreading the word to Pi Phi members in the Seattle area. We think retirement has been wonderful. Let the adventure begin !!!
    With love and respect,
    Joann and John Moe

  7. Carrie Walker

    Bill was a huge part of my arts education as a child. Not only did I take numerous classes at Arrowmont, but received several scholarships as well. Bill was always encouraging and helpful in each application process. All the things I learned at Arrowmont contributed to my desire to attend art college, and Bill wrote one of my letters of recommendation. He has always been a positive person, encouraging the creativity of the community around him, and in doing so he helped shape the spirit of what Arrowmont is today. Thank you, Bill!

  8. I have gone to Arrowmont for over twenty times and taught six times!
    Sandy and Bill were a dream team who are great artists and teachers!
    I know things have to change and retirement comes to all but the Arrowmont
    Experience was a special one with Bill and Sandy
    I hope Bill enjoys his retirement and comes down to Fl

  9. jan lapides

    Bill has been a mentor to so many, including me. He has a calm way of listening as if you are the only person in the room. Bill has the ability to create while sharing his wisdom with students so that they can comfortably create at their own speed. I consider him to be one of the best communicators that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Arrowmont and our community is fortunate to have him as a leader even as he retires.

  10. Sandra Miller

    I wish I had a personal memory to share, alas, that’s not the case. We exchanged a few words her and there, mostly about where do I find… as we crossed paths on campus. However, as an Arrowmont lover and workshop participant, I am in admiration of anyone who finds their calling in life, and follows it with such stunning success. Bill G’s dedication has impacted me and thousands of people over dis years of service to the institution he loved, and I am very grateful. With wishes for whatever is next,

  11. Congratulations Bill, on your retirement. Every day is Saturday now! Lots of time for extended projects, time for that stack of books you’ve built, more time to just hike and wander and travel without deadlines. Thanks for your leadership at Arrowmont, and thanks for your friendship and your support. You’ve always got a place and a dinner waiting here when you wander up to Illinois.

  12. Marv

    Congrats on your long successful career. You will missed in a million ways but I send my artful best wishes for a creative retirement with all the enjoyment you deserve. Thanks for all the delightful memories I experienced at Arrowmont

  13. Carolyn Lesh

    I happen to be at Arrowmont the day that Bill moved in with his dog, all those years ago. Thanks for all you have done for Arrowmont, Bill! So glad our paths have crossed.

  14. Congratulations on your retirement Bill!
    I have fond memories of batting around ideas around the dinner table, and surprise visits in the classroom from you when I taught at Arrowmont years ago. Best wishes for a relaxing and fruitful retirement.
    Liz Braun

  15. Brian Melton

    Bill has been such a blessing. After seeing my woodcarving, he chased me down at Arrowmont Legacy Week to ask me if I knew Bruno Walpoth. Can you imagine someone with as much experience and history as Bill looking at an emerging artist like me and asking about the best in the world. Then he followed through and wrote me a letter of recommendation that is funding my journey to Italy to learn under Bruno, PAID for by a grant! This HUGE compliment has given me the inspiration to start having some level of confidence instead of a facade that masks insecurity. I really appreciate it!

  16. Alice Fisher

    Early in his tenure at Arrowmont, Bill became a tremendous source of support and encouragement for my work with students at Gatlinburg-Pittman High School. As a former high school art teacher himself, he was a tremendous resource for new ideas! He was always eager to share discarded equipment with our school, and he worked tirelessly to find ways to connect Arrowmont with art students in this area. Bill is wise, generous, caring, witty, and passionate about art. He has been a real pleasure to work with, and he has made my teaching richer and more rewarding!

  17. I met Bill through the wonderful multi week community classes offered at the pottery studio years ago when he and his beloved dog would come through and check out our work. Then, I had the opportunity to get to know him better through volunteering. I feel honored to own a few of his pieces and to have had the pleasure of learning and volunteering over the years with Bill. Enjoy your retirement and keep your hands on the clay!

  18. Stan Johnson

    Bill is a one of a kind, his soft voice, his welcoming smile, his ability to make you feel special when you met,at the Gatlinburg Farmers Market, the parking lot at Arrowmont, Food City or any other venue when you ended your conversation with Bill you felt better . Most of all his compete devotion his always present dog. I feel better for being able to call you friend!

  19. Cheers!
    Bill is one of the most kind, most considerate, most supportive; plus wickedly funny men I’ve known. I’m so glad to have studied with him and assisted him at Arrowmont and Penland.
    His dedication to the arts in general, and Arrowmont specifically, reminds me of the Muhammad Ali quote:
    “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth” . Thanks Bill, for your service.

  20. Cass Schorsch

    Happy Retirement Bill, which I am sure is giving you a calendar filled with Happy Times. I want to thank you for your faith in me as a teacher and allowing me to teach at Arrowmont several times. I loved being there and have returned many times to take classes. Best of luck and good health this special time of your life.

  21. I honestly don’t remember the year I first came to teach at Arrowmont but I do remember that Bill was the first person I met on campus and that he made me feel very welcomed.

    Several years after that first meeting he asked if I’d meet him on the porch of Staff House to have a conversation. We met and at the end of that conversation the beginning flickers of ‘Millinery Meet-Up’ flamed. I had hoped to speak with someone at Arrowmont about a long-desired millinery retreat, similar to the ones I’d been privy to teach at in Australia. Bill beat me to the punch! A short year later we held the first international millinery retreat there, an event that immediately earned a stellar reputation with millinery instructors and attendees around the world. It has, to date, been held numerous times on that magical campus.

    Thank you, Bill! Enjoy your retirement! You have earned it! Know that you have had a strong and lasting impact on so many artists and craftsfolk over the years.

  22. Anna Keck

    Congratulations to Bill! Arrowmont has very big shoes to fill, as Bill has always been the heartbeat of Arrowmont. I’m ever so thankful for his support and humor during my tenure as a resident artist. He hosted our group many times for dinners at his place during the quiet months on campus, and we always appreciated a warm meal with lots of laughs. An unforgettable time due to a very warm heart. Thank you, Bill. Best of luck on your next journey!

  23. Barbara Bullard

    Oh my, how many decades have gone by since I first made your acquaintance at Arrowmont? What a huge contribution you have made with your talent, your time, and your generous kind spirit. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to know you and I appreciate all you have done for the school. Hopefully we will meet again at Arrowhead for many more years to come. Well done!

  24. Ken Montgomery

    During my tenure at Anakeesta, that I truly enjoyed, I would interact with Bill often and we could work through and solve any issue. Bill was always professional and sincere and just a pleasant person that made your day a little brighter. While swimming at the Recreation CenterI would see Bill swimming away and he was as pleasant and professional outside of Arrowmont. He was indeed the icon for Arrowmont always promoting the courses, and the entire organization. He may have retired but he will never be far away. All the best, Bill!

  25. Bill is such an awesome human being! I’ll never forget taking one of Tip Toland’s classes several years back and coming down with a debilitating stomach bug. It was impossible for me to leave my room for a couple of days. Bill heard about my illness and made a special trip to hand-deliver a bowl of hot soup from the cafe to my room! How incredibly thoughtful! The soup was a life-saver and so very welcomed! I’ve known Bill for several years now and he has always been the most kind and warm person….and always good for a laugh and to share a funny story.

    Wishing you the very best in your retirement, Bill! Arrowmont will not be the same without you!

  26. Back in the late-1990s the incomparable B&W photographer, the late Jerry Drown, and I were leading a photography workshop in Pigeon Forge during the early days of Wilderness Wildlife Week. Bill had known Jerry for some time and he had dropped in on our program. I had met Bill through his relationship with Charles Maynard, then the Director of Friends of the Smokies, and my work as the staff photographer at Friends.
    Afterward, as we were talking, Bill asked if I had ever considered teaching a photography class at Arrowmont. That conversation led to my first engagement as an instructor, for which I shall be forever grateful.
    Bill, it was an adventure that I will cherish for a lifetime. Thank you. Walk in Beauty.

  27. I first met Bill when I went to Arrowmont as a work study assistant. He invited me back out as a studio assistant the following year. We became friends and he came to stay with us in Hawaii back in 1991. I took him to a marine sanctuary to go snorkeling. Bill was so excited as he had been practicing snorkeling in his local pool.
    As he was snorkeling facing away from me unbeknownst to him I had a pocket full of frozen peas. I started to throw them in front of him and he got so excited as the fish would swarm in front of his face devouring the peas. I just remember him screaming through his snorkel with delight! Happy retirement my friend.

  28. I took my first functional slabbuilding class with Bill and Mike Lalone at The John C. Campbell Folk School, back in 2017. He was such a kind and insightful teacher, and one of my first potter mentors, and my work was forever changed because of him.

  29. Geri Forkner

    Congratulations Bill. I enjoyed learning about all you do at Arrowmont while I was there for a residency in 2019, it really helped me understand how valuable Arrowmont is to the larger art community. Your Pottery Party was the inspiration for a new approach to my art work. Lots of happy creative years ahead, can’t wait to see what you do next.

  30. Rebecca (Becky) Shultz

    Congratulations, Bill! I am one of those old Pi Phis who attended Pi Phi Arts Weekend 12 times over the years. Although I spent most of my time with Bill May doing stained glass, I remember both “Bills” very well! Once you noticed I had my camera with me, and you asked me to take pictures of some (Japanese?) artists who were giving a demonstration of their brush techniques. I did it, rushed across the street to get the pictures printed, and made you very happy! You were always very friendly and of course your work was highly admired by all. I hope those photos are in the archives somewhere down there! I loved every minute I spent at Arrowmont (I was also a former art teacher) and you were one of the friendly faces I always looked forward to seeing every year. Thanks for all your hard work over the years and enjoy your retirement! I’m glad to hear you will still be around just in case I make it down there again sometime.

  31. Bill, thanks for being such a faithful supporter of the arts and also my good friend throughout all these years. Thanks for first suggesting I do a concert at Arrowmont many, many years ago, and for allowing that to become a regular event for 30+ years. I have made so many great memories during those years . Congratulations on a job well done and I hope you have more free time to be creative yourself. Easy rollin’
    Bill Mize

  32. Deborah Sosower

    From Ellen Zahorec:

    I walked those halls many a day as a summer intern there making sure everyone was out of the building. I was there in his apartment petting his dog who lay on the floor before Bill took it to be buried. I was there during the reign of Marian Heard, Sandra Blain, Ray Perrotti and the list goes on. I selected Bill to be included in an exhibit I was organizing called Immaculate Misconceptions. (Never try to do a show with a title like that when you live in a political and religious hotbed like Cincinnati, OH.) Long story short…Arrowmont had a distinctive smell of batik wax when I walked into the front door. Sister Remy, Mary Frances, etc. Hung so many shows. Met so many of the greatest of great instructors, students and teachers. I am blessed to have Arrowmont be a part of my life and Bill as a mentor and a friend. I wish you and all those who enter those halls an experience of a lifetime. AND SO IT GOES! My best to Bill in all his endeavors.

  33. Brenda Stein

    One of the most talented and wonderful human beings on the planet. THANK YOU for your years of dedication to Arrowmont. I second all the wonderful things said about you. Wishing you ALL the best, Bill.

    Congratulations on a service beyond compare, led from your heart.


  34. Rachel Bates

    I have many fond memories of Bill Griffith over the 13 times I was fortunate to attended Arrowmont. I was there mostly through the “Lily years”.
    One year, attending Lana Wilson week, she taught us how to make bamboo brushes. We were scrambling to find anything to make a brush out of. Lily donated some of her golden tail hair for us, sitting patiently while we wrapped a string around a precious bunch of hair and snipped it off. I made a brush for Bill and put her name on the bamboo stick. I wonder if he still has it and his own memory of his gift to us that week.
    Just one of many sweet memories of Arrowmont and the warm presence of Bill Griffith. I have missed seeing you all.
    Best of luck to you Bill!

    1. If you go with Bill to an art event assume you won’t be interrupted once but many times as you hear a great Bill story or someone has a question and then someone else has to tell him something. So go to a place where Bill doesn’t know half the people in the room. Probably hard to find in Gatlinburg.

      Bill has a great sense of humor, is modest about what he has done for Arrowmont and I am one of many people who wish he would not leave Arrowmont. He is a rare soul who
      so many of us love and don’t get enough time with him. I feel very fortunate to know him and call him a friend!

  35. Bill you are a treasure… One memory I have while teaching at Arrowmont was when you visited my class and everyone was working on a single class project. One student created a bedroom scene with a couple engaged which was pretty riskay… It was actually the main event of the narrative. One student put in a bongo drummer next to the bed. There were numerous dogs, cats and other clay characters milling about… I think Freud was there. You were making the rounds as a preview before the rest of the whole camp would come by the next day. And you smiled wholeheartedly with a thumbs up! It was then I knew what an ally I had with you. I ‘ve felt that way ever since.

  36. Susan Edwards

    Congratulations on your retirement Bill, and thank you for all the positive innovations you brought to Arrowmont, especially the children’s classes. My daughters thoroughly enjoyed taking pottery workshops, weaving experiences and woodworking classes at Arrowmont. Thank you for hiring me in various capacities over the years and giving me the opportunity to witness your super power (your sense of humor) behind the scenes.

  37. Congratulations on your retirement Bill!
    Arrowmont will not be the same without you.
    Thank you for being our “boss” when I was an Artist in Residence all those years ago. Arrowmont remains one of my favorite places and my time there was enhanced by working with you.
    Thank you for everything and have fun in all of your future endeavors
    love Sondra (L)!

  38. Suzy Smith

    My ties with Bill are not through Arrowmont, but from our early teaching days in Indiana. Through my 50 year friendship with Bill I have made many visits to the campus, have viewed lots of fantastic exhibitions in the gallery, witnessed the firing of the anagama kiln, met lots of artists and staff and have seen, albeit second hand, the lasting imprint Bill is leaving on Arrowmont. He’s always had the best interests of this place at heart and had such vision for new programs and ideas. Bill is one of the most unselfish and unassuming people I know PLUS he can make me laugh like no one else can! (Ask him about one of his many talents he first shared with me at the local “Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum”.

  39. Amy Evans

    Thank you for your thoughtful encouragement with a humorous twist. When I was hired in my current teaching position, I was very stressed about having to teach Art History for the first time. I remember you laughing and saying, “I hit the mental delete button on that information a long time ago.” I found this funny and oddly reassuring.
    I too had hit that mental delete button. You followed up with some encouragement, “I promise you know more than your students will, just stay two weeks ahead of them.” It worked and I still use the phrase “mental delete button”. Congratulations on your well earned retirement!

  40. I was an Artist-in-Residence (the olden days, 1993-1994) at Arrowmont, I think that was year 2 of the program. We spent a lot of time with Wonderful Bill. Any former resident will say that they left Arrowmont with Bill as a forever friend. Bill has remained my friend all these years; visiting at NCECAs, helping me with my business ideas, hosting reunions and anagamas and so many other collaborations over the years. Bill has invited so many of us back over the decades and I always love coming back there. Bill is the reason for the deep love so many people have for Arrowmont. Thank you so much, my time at Arrowmont was life-changing. You are truly awesome, Bill!!! See you soon when I show up on your doorstep with my teenager. CONGRATS!!!

  41. There’s so much to say in a tribute to Bill. He has friends far and wide, and has treated us all like family. Ive been fortunate enough to be a colleague of his in our clay community, and to be invited by him to teach at Arrowmont .. my first class there was in 1996! It’s been a long friendship, and I’ve always admired his dedication to education in our craft community. Through his leadership, he has built amazing programs at Arrowmont, fostering so many chances to learn and grow together. He has been active as an artist, curious and productive in his home studio. Congratulations Bill .. you are so loved.

  42. To me, Bill is Arrowmont. I think of going around the corner to his office, to chat, to pat the latest Golden, to catch up. His warmth, and his humor, his interest in me as an artist and a teacher, were some of the main things that brought me back year after year to teach. And then, the more I got to know him, the more fun I had learning about his world: his home, his studio, his fantastic collection of art, his own art, and his love of and commitment to Arrowmont. My world has been made bigger by knowing and working with Bill.

  43. I have had the honor and pleasure of working with Bill over the last seven years as a contract employee of Arrowmont as a communications consultant. I quickly learned about Bill’s commitment to Arrowmont, to his craft, and to artists and students. Through research to contribute to grant writing for the Institutional Advancement staff, I learned about the history of the school through Bill’s eyes. I was able to witness Bill at work in various capacities in workshops, various events, and at Meet the Artists. You didn’t know I was watching you so closely, did you Bill!! But most of all, I was able to get to know Bill through my friendship with Fran Day & Rob Whittier. I was so fortunate to break bread, have a glass of vino with Bill and to get to know him better. What I learned is that aside from his incredible talent as a teacher and ceramicist Bill is a compassionate, caring, and soulful person who has a deep regard for others and who has a wry and funny sense of humor. CHEERS to you Bill in your retirement, and I hope we can continue to break bread and sip wine together in the future!

  44. Pat and Geoff Wolpert

    Pat and I won a day making pottery, a tour of Bill’s collection and a gourmet dinner at Bill’s home at an Arrowmont Starry Night Auction. We went to Bill’s house one late morning and started the tour with a glass of wine. The conversation evolved and the wine kept flowing. Eventually Fran Day arrived with our appetizers and dinner. We ended up spending a wonderful day with Bill, never touching a piece of clay! The time went by so fast we don’t know where the day went. Bill has always been a fabulous fun conversationalist. What a treat to have him to ourselves at his home for our special day. We are glad to know that Bill will be staying in Sevier County and not too far away from Arrowmont. Congratulations on your retirement.

  45. Deborah Sosower

    From Eleanor Droll:

    Bill, Bill, Bill!
    I took part in the Artists-in-Residence program, a program that Bill started, arriving in Arrowmont in the fall of 1992. Our group of four artists, Lisa Costello, Fenella Belle, and Diane Rosenmiller, constituted the second wave of artists after the program’s start in 1990-91.

    Bill was our Everything. He made us feel at home in our new environment and roles as resident artists and we flourished in our all-too-brief time at Arrowmont. The two most important concepts he impressed upon me as an artist was to make work that was true to myself and of the necessity of connecting to the local community whether in teaching classes on campus or traveling to the area grade schools to show and tell. He was (and still is) a generous spirit and I hope he will enjoy his “retirement” and keep making his own beautiful work.

  46. Deborah Sosower

    From Phyllis Speer:

    Well, Bill was an intrinsic part of the Arrowmont experience. I would see him over the course of many years during our board meetings there. He was always pleasant and helpful, knowledgeable and solid. The school won’t be the same without him.

    I wish him great happiness in his new endeavors. He will now have more time to devote to his art which will be a bonus for the world.

    Please give him my fond best wishes.

  47. I was around Arrowmont almost as long as Bill has been! I have taught, was on an advisory board and finally was on the Board of Governors. It was in that role that I recall personally how lovely and generous Bill could be. A board meeting was taking place as temperatures began to soar! I was sweltering in the sweater that I had worn (not checking the weather forecast.) My plan was to take a break and rush to the outlet stores to find a cooler option, but there was no time. Bill considerately went to his apartment and brought me one of his lovely linen shirts so I could be comfortable the rest of the day! It was so very welcome. I also loved that he introduced me to the recreation center where both of us found time to swim laps. Thanks Bill, for everything you’ve contributed to Arrowmont including those small, but appreciated, special gestures.

  48. Melissa Harshman

    I recently taught a workshop at Arrowmont. Bill came in to say hello. He not only remembered me, but remembered my friend Eleanor Droll who was one of the first 9-month residents in 1994. His charm and good humor are contagious. Arrowmont has been so blessed to have such a generous, caring person at the helm.

  49. Congratulation on your retirement Bill and I wish you days filled with joy and adventure whether in your studio or traveling. I loved seeing your recent adventures in Mexico! My memories of teaching at Arrowmont certainly include your smile, warm welcomings and frequent rounds inquiring about what was happening in the studio. Arrowmont is saturated with your kindness and enthusiasm!

  50. Bill Buckner

    Bill, it has been an honor and a pleasure to know you over the years. Your life and work (both personally and at Arrowmont) have influenced mine in so many positive ways. And your personable spirit have made my numerous visits to Arrowmont so much more than just a work challenge. Thank you! I do hope you will enjoy your retirement as much as I am enjoying mine. Come on down to Tallahassee anytime and fire the new salt/soda kiln with me. Will you stay in Gatlinburg? I do hope we can stay in touch.

  51. Karen Richardson Johnson

    I guess i’m a day late and a dollar short to see you in your shop. We are heading that way the end of this month and was hoping to catch up with you! It’s been a long time! But, with that being said, I hope your retirement has been fantastic and enjoyable! You were a wonderful teacher and friend back in the late 70’s. You take care and enjoy that retirement! Mine will start on the 9th of June. Bill, take care!

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