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Arrowmont Connections: Carolina “Paucaró” Grau Allende stays positive and reflects on being part of the Arrowmont creative community during the pandemic

Arrowmont is a special community full of creative people – a family who know that coming together and making art is important. We talk a lot about the Arrowmont Experience – connecting through craft and community. That connection exists beyond physical proximity. It is in shared memories and new ideas. It lives in the friendships we make with each other. It grows when we learn and support one another.

Whether on campus or off, we are connected as members of the Arrowmont family. Over the next few weeks, we are going to share stories from our community of instructors, residents, and students in a new series, Arrowmont Connections.

Carolina Grau Allende is a Chilean ceramic artist, traveler and life-long learner. Born in Chile, Carolina first learned ceramics as a freshman at Ithaca High School where she and her family lived for four years. She felt at that moment that ceramics was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She exhibits primarily in Santiago and Chillán.

Carolina uses different materials to complete her pieces, including leather, clothes, feathers, and metals. She teaches workshops to adults and kids from her home in Chillán, Chile. Carolina uses the ceramic name, Paucaró, a fusion of her and her sister Paula’s name that they invented as children.

I’m very happy to be a contributing member of the Arrowmont Connections,” she wrote. “I think that my work shows how much I like old things; I try to represent that the sculpture has passed many years in dirt or hidden somewhere.

She contributed a video talking about her relationship with Arrowmont and detailing some of her recent ceramic works:


“I like to use different materials that complete my work, such us leather, cloths, feathers, etc.”


I´m really proud of this ancient bag, because it was selected to be part of the Fuping Pottery Art Village +FuLe International Ceramic Museum, so its lives in China since 2017.


This one is called ancestral vessel and was born in 2018 and was selected to be part of a very important show in Santiago called ESTEKA.


This one is called The Hatchers, thinking as if it was a place where hens could Hatch their eggs, (it had eggs in the interior for the show in the municipal theater in my city last October)

This are called cowbells this is grès ceramic with leather, copper and cloth. This was shown in the municipal theater.

Carolina describes in detail her inspiration for PAUCARA, pictured below:

This one, also shown in the municipal theater, is called PAUCARA.

“With this one there was a strange thing that happend to me,” wrote Carolina. “We as a family went for vacations to the Iquitos Jungle in Perú three years ago and in Perú we learned about a bird that makes a nest pretty much like a bag – a long bag that hangs from the trees made out of weeds that it finds around. Well, the weird thing is that when we found out the name of the bird, Paucará, and my ceramic name is Paucaró (which is from a fusión of Carolina and Paula, which is my sister, that we invented when we were little) – one of the things that I make most and were my first not utilitarian ceramics were bags, different kinds of bags – so for me it was a strange coincidence.

I could not leave that coincidence in my head and I made this big sculpture it is 1.3 meters high, it is made out of almost four hundred little bags of grès ceramics.”

Before the global pandemic, Carolina would hold classes for groups of women during the school year (March – December), and workshops for kids during the summer vacation. She has received recognition for her work.


While she can’t currently bring students into her home, she has not lost her optimistic view of the future.

Well it could be worst…  we should be happy and thank God to be alive each day, not many people can say that. At this moment I´m working with clay in my house I brought many things from my workshop and I’m doing mostly things that people wanted me to make and before did not have much time. I´m also working in a new project for another Esteka show this year in Santiago.

Arrowmont Connections Video: https://youtu.be/bDCSJkXC9n8

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carolinaangela.grauallende

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/paucarocarolina/

Exhibition: https://nosmagazine.cl/sociales/exposicion-manos-que-hablan-en-teatro-municipal-de-chillan/


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