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Alchemy 6: Enamelist Society Exhibition 2022

August 2 – September 2, 2022 | Sandra J. Blain Galleries

“Alchemy,” a term that refers to a seemingly magical power of transmutation as well as the ancient chemical philosophy of turning base metal into gold or silver, can apply to enamel as it is magically transformed by heat. ALCHEMY6 is the 18th Biennial International Juried Enamel Exhibition and the 14th International Juried Student Enamel Exhibition. 

These Exhibitions highlight the best in contemporary enamels. The International Juried Exhibition showcases the work of enamelists that demonstrate aesthetic and  technical expertise, while the Student Exhibition features the work of students throughout the world. 



Participating artist include:

Mercedes Almagro, Belgium; Ruth Altman, USA; Martha Banyas, USA; Katy Bergman Cassell, USA; Harlan Butt, USA; Jessica Calderwood, USA; Maria Camera-Smith, USA; Sandi Carter, USA; Gabrielle Castonguay, Canada; Mary Chuduk, USA; Marcia R. Cohen, USA; Kat Cole, USA; Delia Dante, USA; Jennie DiBeneditto, USA; Susan Estler, USA; Pat Frese, USA; Terry Fromm, USA; Marsha Greene, USA; Charity Hall, USA; Michelle Hall, USA; Jan Harrell, USA; Anne Havel, USA; Adam Hawk, USA; Mindy Herrin, USA; Abigail Heuss, USA; Mana Hewitt, USA; Sha Sha Higby, USA; Mi-Sook Hur, USA; Janly Jaggard, USA; Vershali Jain, USA; Linda Kaye-Moses, USA; Mary Klein, USA; Faith Layard, Canada; Timothy Lazure, USA; Debbie Leh-Pargac, USA; Alisa Looney, USA; Mary Lucking, USA; William Luft, USA; Maya Madden, USA; Lori Magno, USA; Susan Mannion, Ireland; Tracy Mastro, USA; Barbara McFadyen, USA; Marcela McLean, USA; Patricia Nelson, USA; Kimberly Nogueira, USA; Kathryn Osgood, USA; Alison Pack, USA; Sarah Perkins, USA; Jeanie Pratt, USA;Carolina Reyes, USA; René Roberts, USA;Fay Rooke, Canada; Lea Alison Rosen, USA; Jessica Sawyer, USA; Virginia Schneider, USA; Julie Shaw, USA; Flying Flux: Patricia Aiken, Jane Beiser, and Roberta Smith, USA; Mary Stafford, USA; Judy Stone, USA; Joan Strott Alvini, USA; L. Sue Szabo, USA; Patricia Telesco, USA; Claire Townsend, Australia; Krisztina Vagenas, USA; Ursula Vourvoulis, USA; Elizabeth White-Pultz, USA; Kathleen Wilcox, USA; Kay Yee, USA

Xi Ao, California College of the Arts; Emily Booker, East Carolina University; Nicholas Hesson, East Carolina University; Sabrina ChiaChen Hsu, Gemological Inst. of America; Dawoon Jeong, SUNY New Paltz; Yifei Kong, SUNY New Paltz; L. Wyatt Nestor-Pasiczyk, Temple University; Elliot Papp, Mass Art; Tracy Saracino, SUNY New Paltz; Anna Sherman, Temple University; Aaron Sizemore, Indiana University Bloomington; Grant Turner, Bowling Green State University; Sishi Wang, Indiana University Bloomington

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